my name is Martin Schweizer. I live in Luzern in Switzerland. I'm interested in Web development, rock climbing and photography.

'verticonaut' is a phantasy name. It's a combination of 'vertical' and 'astronaut'. As a kid I wanted to become an astronaut. Well - that's pretty hard to achieve. To get off the ground I started rock climbing. That's the 'vertical' part of the name. So - the combination of these words is obvious and fits into the already existing names like 'astronaut', 'kosmonaut', 'taikonaut'.

I like the Ruby programming language. It has a lot in common with Samlltalk - a language I once programmed in. Smalltalk was always my reference as well in the times of Java. Once I stumbled upon the elegant Smalltalk WebFramework Seaside - and not far away - Ruby on Rails. It seemed very interesting to me. The Ruby language felt right at the beginning. And here I am - I got the chance to work with this technology - and more important - with the inspiring people that build the community around this language and framework.

Name: Martin Schweizer
Age: about 52 years
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Contact: martin@verticonaut.me